Sunday, September 21, 2014

A New Season

It has been almost two years since I have posted, but the Lord continues to bless our family. Troy now works for JMJ and is enjoying every minute of consulting. It is his gift! I am teaching kindergarten at Providence Classical School and I think I am having too much fun! I absolutely love every minute of the day. I am also still working for Marketplace Ministries and am grateful for the opportunities to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Owen is in fourth grade. He is tender, kind and honest. A loyal boy. He loves sports, BSF with his daddy and much to my dismay technology. He is excelling at playing the piano, even though he begs to quit.
McKenzie Grace is in second grade. She is an encourager and loves serving. She loves tumbling and dancing ALL THE TIME~! She also enjoys BSF with me and violin.
One of our favorite summer activities continues to be PINE COVE! Our kids are blessed with godly young friends and they have begun a tradition of summer camp together. This summer was our 6th year at family camp. Troy would tell you that it was his best ever as he had the joy and privilege of baptizing his daughter.

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